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2nd slot for finance experiments with Prof. Kirchler 14:00 - 15:30


Asset Market Experiments with Financial Professionals

In our current research project we investigate behavioral aspects in the investment behavior of

financial professionals in asset market experiments. As part of this project we invite you to

participate in an experiment where participants can trade virtual financial assets in an

experimental laboratory environment. Any financial professional who is directly or indirectly

involved in financial decisions can participate. Participants receive a compensation which can go

up to 250 Euros, depending on their experimental decisions. Of course, all data are strictly

confidential and will be used exclusively for academic purposes. Specifically, we ensure that

personal information will not be shared with third parties and experimental data cannot be traced

back to individuals.

The experiment is computerized and will not take more than 75 minutes. At the end of the

experiment the participants will be paid out in private. Immediately after the experiment we will

present exclusive results and implications of the last two and a half years of our research projects

containing behavior of more than 700 professionals from all over Europe.

The experiment requires a certain number of participants that have to start at the same time. So,

if you register, please make sure that you can really come, because for the experiment it is of

utmost importance that you attend and that you are on time.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the experiment.


Markus Poscher


Kathrein Privatbank
Wipplingerstrasse 25
Wien, Austria